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Educating and Advocating

PUBPAT advocates for improvements to the patent system and educates the public about the esoteric issues implicated by patents, specifically how they impact everyday life. PUBPAT advocates on behalf of sound patent policy before the courts, in the PTO, and through participation in relevant conferences, while PUBPAT educates through public presentations, one-on-one discussions and publication of articles. PUBPAT also uses its other activities as the basis for normative research studying the patent system to determine whether it strikes the proper balance between incentivizing innovation and benefiting the public.

PUBPAT's Mission Statement

PUBPAT in the Press
The press turn frequently to PUBPAT for insights on patent issues.

PUBPAT in the Supreme Court
PUBPAT advocates for sound patent policy before the U.S. Supreme Court.

PUBPAT in the Federal Circuit
PUBPAT advocates for sound patent policy before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

PUBPAT in Congress
PUBPAT advocates for sound patent policy before the United States Congress.

PUBPAT Advocacy to the PTO, Others
PUBPAT advocates for sound patent policy before the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office and many other policy makers.


The Patent Pollution Problem [Video]

Free Claim Construction Dictionaries
In March, 2010, PUBPAT released groundbreaking claim construction dictionaries by Dr. David Garrod, PUBPAT's Senior Litigation Counsel, free of charge through PUBPAT's web site.

PUBPAT Speeches and Presentations
PUBPAT frequently speaks to the public about patent policy issues.

How to Find Prior Art Tutorial
This is PUBPAT's free instructional program that details how to find prior art for issued patents. The hour long audio recording with supporting written materials uses a model patent as the basis for examples during the session.

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