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PUBPAT PROFILED IN SCIENCE, FINANCIAL TIMES: "A ‘Robin Hood’ Declares War on Lucrative U.S. Patents"

NEW YORK -- August 26, 2005 --  The Public Patent Foundation ("PUBPAT") and its Executive Director, Dan Ravicher, were profiled in today's Science magazine.  "A 30-year-old former corporate lawyer says that the U.S. patent system leaves the public with the short end of the stick," states the profile titled A 'Robin Hood' Declares War on Lucrative U.S. Patents published at 309 SCIENCE 1319 (PDF; 188KB). "Part vigilante, part gadfly, Ravicher has quickly earned a reputation for being part of a new breed of patent attorneys, and one worth watching."  The profile will also be published in the Financial Times on Tuesday, August 30, 2005.


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