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June 29, 2004


PUBPAT Adds Technical Experts, Seeks More: Scientific Expertise Aids Non-Profit in Protecting the Public from the Harms of the Patent System


NEW YORK -- The Public Patent Foundation ("PUBPAT") announced today that four technical experts have joined its staff and that pro bono opportunities exist for any other technical experts who wish to assist PUBPAT's work against the harms caused by the patent system.  The four technical experts joining PUBPAT have backgrounds in chemistry, microbiology and molecular genetics, computer science, and electrical engineering and will perform various activities, including reviewing and analyzing the validity and scope of patents within their respective fields of expertise.


Ms. Christina Jordan received her degree in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from the University of California at Los Angeles, after which she was appointed Senior Research Associate for a private biotech start-up where she constructed and cloned genes and vectors for new technology development.  Dr. Benjamin Davis has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and performed post-doc molecular analysis for one of the government's largest research laboratories.  Ms. Jordan and Dr. Davis will focus their activities primarily on life sciences patents.


Ms. Heather Schneider received her M.S. in Computer Science in 1999 and then, as part of one of the world's largest computer services firms, developed large-scale enterprise web applications for corporate customers using technologies such as XML, .NET, and J2EE.  Mr. Robert Graham has a degree in MicroElectrical Engineering and previously served as Senior Software Developer for the world's largest travel process outsourcing company.  Ms. Schneider and Mr. Graham will focus their activities primarily on information technology patents.


"The four technical experts joining us this month are impressive in both their scientific prowess and their understanding of the patent system," said Dan Ravicher, PUBPAT's Executive Director.  "Adding such technical expertise greatly increases PUBPAT's ability to represent the public's interests in the patent system."


Other technical experts interested in assisting PUBPAT's efforts in a pro bono capacity are encouraged to submit their information through the PUBPAT website.




Daniel Ravicher, Executive Director, Public Patent Foundation: 212-545-5337;;




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