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PUBPAT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DETAILS PROBLEMS WITH AND HARM CAUSED BY SOFTWARE PATENTS: Dan Ravicher Speaks in the European Parliament As Part of Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure Conference

NEW YORK -- November 10, 2004 --  PUBPAT's Executive Director, Dan Ravicher, spoke in the European Parliament this week about the problems with and harm caused by software patents as part of a conference sponsored by the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure ("FFII").  On November 9 Ravicher lead a panel that detailed what lessons should be learned from software patent practice in the U.S. and on November 10 Ravicher spoke about new developments in patent practice, and particularly the increasing risks and cost for software developers attributable to software patents.

"Europe should learn from the United States' experience with software patents and see that allowing patents to apply to software developed for general purpose computers is a harmful policy," said Dan Ravicher, PUBPAT's Executive Director and Founder.

More information about the FFII Conference, including audio recordings of Ravicher's speeches detailing the problems with and harm caused by software patents, can be found at FFII's Conference Website.

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