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PUBLIC PATENT FOUNDATION AFFILIATES WITH BENJAMIN N. CARDOZO SCHOOL OF LAW: Relationship Provides PUBPAT New Home and Cardozo Students Expanded Patent Experience

NEW YORK -- August 1, 2008 -- Beginning this summer, the Public Patent Foundation ("PUBPAT") has moved “in-house” at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, starting what we hope will be a long, productive affiliation between the non-profit legal services organization and Cardozo’s Intellectual Property Program.

Founded in 2003, PUBPAT works to protect the public from the harms caused by errors in the patent system.  The organization files requests at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “reexaminations” of issued patents where PUBPAT has uncovered evidence that the patent does not meet the statutory standards of utility, novelty, and non-obviousness.  PUBPAT has been particularly active in scrutinizing patents in medical technologies where it believes the patent claims are either invalid or too broad.  The non-profit has also filed amicus briefs in important patent cases and been involved in patent law reform efforts in Washington.

Cardozo’s relationship with PUBPAT goes back to 2005, when Professor Justin Hughes recruited PUBPAT's Executive Director, Dan Ravicher, to join the IP Program’s adjunct faculty.  Since then Ravicher has been teaching the “Patent Practicum,” an advanced patent course in which students are assigned clinical projects in which they review specific patents or patent portfolios for validity issues.  Student work product from the course has been used by PUBPAT in its requests for USPTO reexamination proceedings.  The “PUBPAT at Cardozo” affiliation will expand on this experience and offer Cardozo students more opportunities for practical patent law experience under Ravicher’s guidance.

“I'm extremely pleased that Cardozo has opened its arms to PUBPAT and offered us a home from which we can base and expand our public service work,” said Ravicher.

According to Cardozo vice dean Michael Herz, “PUBPAT’s work to improve the patent system through patent office proceedings gives students great clinical training while serving the public good.”

Cardozo has also appointed Mr. Ravicher, who recently landed on IP Law and Business Magazine’s list of the “Top 50 Under 45” for 2008, as a Lecturer in Law and Associate Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program.  He will assist Professor Hughes, who directs the program. Professor Hughes has also joined PUBPAT's Board of Directors.   “PUBPAT and Cardozo’s IP program are a natural fit,” commented Jay Thomas, a professor of patent law at Georgetown University.

More information on PUBPAT and on Cardozo can be found on their respective websites: and

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