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NEW YORK -- April 23, 2010 --  The Public Patent Foundation, Inc. ("PUBPAT") announced today that Dr. David Garrod, PUBPAT's Senior Litigation Counsel, has made available updates to his groundbreaking claim construction dictionaries available free of charge through PUBPAT's web site.  The updated Garrod Glossaries of Judicial Claim Constructions are available for immediate download as PDF files from PUBPAT's Garrod Glossaries webpage.

In addition to updated content, these releases incorporate several improvements. Printing has been enabled, as has content copying (cut-and-paste). Pursuant to PUBPAT's fair use policy for these files, commercial and non-commercial users may copy and incorporate up to thirty (30) pages of content into their own works (briefs, papers, etc.). Additionally, anyone may copy, print, or otherwise distribute the files in their original form for commercial or non-commercial purposes, but creation or distribution of modified versions of these files is prohibited.

Commenting on this release, PUBPAT Executive Director Dan Ravicher stated, "I'm happy to see that Dave Garrod has dedicated the time to update his glossaries.   A number of users have requested that Dave make these files printable so they can attach excerpts to their Markman briefs, and Dave's decision to allow this is a significant contribution to the public interest. Thousands have already downloaded the first releases.  I'm confident these will prove even more popular."



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